TerraValue was founded by veterans of the real estate, appraisal, mortgage, and software industries. The founders have used their combined knowledge to bring new and innovative solutions to the mortgage and real estate industries, focusing on solutions for property valuation.

Portrait of Glen Novinger, partner at TerraValue

Glen Novinger

Corporate Broker

After receiving an M.A. from American University, Glen Novinger began his career in international banking. He worked for ten years in Dubai, Latin America and Canada. He then founded Novinger Resources, Inc. in 1973 to engage in real estate investment and development in the U.S. and has pursued these activities continuously since that date.

Portrait of Erik Eilerts, partner at TerraValue

Erik Eilerts


Erik is a senior software architect with 25 years of experience developing and managing software projects. He learned the real estate appraisal business from his father, who was a certified MAI real estate appraiser in California. He has combined this knowledge with his technical skills to build the analytics engine that powers the TerraValue AVM & BPO reports.

Portrait of Tom Haile, partner at TerraValue

Tom Haile


Tom is a senior software engineer with 12 years experience developing software solutions. He has contributed his programming expertise to data collection and transformation, code structure and organization. He continues to gather the data needed to feed the analytics engine.